Friday, August 28, 2015

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 2014

Apparently we were not picture-happy during these few months...we have next to nothing that documents our lives during this time. Here is what we do have:
a close-up of BreElle

Brayden's Valentines Day box for school(2nd Grade)

Jaelee turns 4!

Shopping at Walmart. Always a party.

December 2013

Here are the continued Christmas traditions we documented this year:
Christmas Eve Breakfast at Jim's Restaurant (in Riverton):

Christmas Eve party with the Hawkin's:

Christmas PJ's (Cam and I pick out PJ's for each other):

Christmas Décor:

November 2013

We visited Disneyland this month. It was pretty fantastic.
Important info:
*We all went this year: Cam (turned 30 while at Disneyland...HAPPY BDAY CAM!!), BreAnn (29), Brayden (7), Aydrie (5), Jaelee (3), BreElle (2)
*I was 2 months pregnant with Emmie at this time. I felt sick the whole time. Cameron heard a whole lot of "I'm going to throw up if I don't eat something now!" Awesome.
*We drove. We stayed in Las Vegas at Circus Circus...with a few extra friends (bugs) in the room. Ewww.

*The Santa Monica Beach was our first stop once we reached California. It was still too early to check into our beach it was! The kids had never been to a beach before. They played in the water, watched all the birds attack anything that looked like food, and posed for the camera...over and over and over again. The water was cold. We had planned on just getting our feet wet... but the kids had a different plan and came away more wet than dry and covered in sand.

*I LOVED the motel we stayed at. It was right outside the gates to Disneyland, and therefore, cheaper. It was 2 rooms with 2 queen beds in one room, and a king in the other. It had a small area with a fridge, table, sink, and microwave.
*Most days required a jacket...and sometimes, we didn't even need one.
*Disneyland was EVERYTHING Christmas...from décor, to amazing parades, music, etc. It was such a fun time to go!

*Goofy's Kitchen was SUPER expensive! But it was fun to see so many Disney characters all in one place!

More Disney Fun:

Saturday, August 8, 2015

October 2013

Happy Birthday Aydrie! 5 years old!
(My mom made the bat cake while we were there visiting. Aydrie loved it!)

First time visiting Gardner Village...Wow! Kids had a blast finding all the witches!

Halloween Fun: Creating Jack-o-lanterns, showing off the costumes, and Trick-or-Treating in Shannon's neighborhood